Prostate Cancer

relief is possible

Restore your pelvic health so you can move freely and live fully.

A person wearing a light blue shirt holds a black mustache cutout and a teal ribbon, symbolizing prostate cancer awareness.

The Importance of Prehab!

Seeing a pelvic physical therapist like me prior to your surgery or procedure can be invaluable for faster recovery from incontinence and erectile dysfunction, common side effects of procedures in this area. This is no different than going to physical therapy to strengthen your knee and hip muscles prior to a knee replacement. The stronger the muscles are going into the surgery, the better the outcome.

post-treatment Options

There are many options for treating prostate cancer with you and your medical team discussing the best options that fit your needs and lifestyle. Similar to BPH, it is a good idea to see a pelvic therapist in order to get the muscles in the best possible shape prior to any interventions, and while ideal, it may not always be possible. 

Please do not feel like you missed the boat, there are plenty of things physical therapy can do to help you after the procedure, whether it is a robotic prostatectomy, RF Ablation, or radiation. It is not uncommon for men to experience some incontinence and erectile dysfunction after these procedures. With pelvic physical therapy at the ready to help bridge the gap, you can recover function as well as your dignity as quickly as possible.

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