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Meet Charles Dudley

I emphasize manual therapy and electromyography guided biofeedback in my work. As a certified orthopedic manual therapist, I incorporate chiropractic-style joint alignments, which I believe is crucial for overall treatment. The biofeedback is used to help you take control of an area of your body that is highly automated and largely forgotten about. Essentially, you get to take control of muscles long since forgotten, out of sight, out of mind.

I believe in addressing the root cause and providing comprehensive care. It’s about helping people be their authentic selves. The psychological and physical aspects are intertwined and is a huge component of the treatment I provide, especially when working with personal and sensitive areas. For men, there are often additional conversations needed to address the potential threat to masculinity and societal expectations. 

Only male physical therapist

I am an expert in male pelvic health and founder of Davenport Pelvic Therapy. After consulting a urologist in 2013 where I discovered I have a neurogenic bladder, I also discovered the challenges men and individuals when dealing with pelvic health issues, often very private, foreign, and isolating.

I discovered that pelvic health services were primarily focused on women, so I set out to discover my own answers and started training to become a respected pelvic physical therapist. Drawing on my own experiences, I feel my role is to guide individuals towards a path of healing that acknowledges the connection between emotional and physical well-being. I fully understand the shame, embarrassment, and logistical challenges individuals face, especially in their 40’s.

Currently, I am the only male physical therapist in Florida solely focused on pelvic health for men. With over 16,000 therapists in the state, there are only 240 pelvic physical therapists, and I am the only male practitioner specializing in this region.

Continuing Education

Charles seeks to improve his knowledge and pass it along to other through taking, assisting, and teaching courses. He’s also written articles for the Orlando Medical News and Baltimore Gay Paper: OUTloud.

Courses I've Taught:

  • Pelvic Physical Therapy: Not just for Women Anymore. Florida Physical Therapy Association’s Northern District Meeting
  • Pelvic Physical Therapy: Not just for Women Anymore. University of St. Augustine’s school of physical therapy
  • Men’s Pelvic Health. University of St. Augustine’s school of physical therapy
  • Gender Affirming Care. University of St. Augustine’s school of physical therapy

Courses I've Taken:

  • Inclusive Care for Gender and Sexual Minorities
  • Biofeedback for Pelvic Muscle Dysfunction
  • Mobilization of the Myofascial Layer – Teacher’s Assistant
  • Male Pelvic Floor – Teacher’s Assistant
  • Sexual Medicine in Pelvic Rehab
  • Transgender Patients: Pelvic Health and Orthopedic Considerations
  • Pelvic Floor 2A focusing on GI and Bowel Issues
  • Mobilization of the Myofascial Layer: Pelvis and Lower Extremity
  • Advanced Male Pelvic Floor and Erectile Dysfunction Course
  • Pudendal Neuralgia and Nerve Entrapment
  • Male Pelvic Floor Function, Dysfunction, and Treatment
  • Post-Prostatectomy Patient Rehabilitation
  • Bridging the gap between pelvic pain examination and treatment
  • Pelvic Floor Function, Dysfunction, and Treatment, Level 1. Focused on female pelvic health.


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