Low Back Pain

Relief is possible

Restore your pelvic health so you can move freely and live fully.

2018 study revealed that 95% of those who were experiencing back pain also had pelvic floor dysfunction.

Are you tired of the low back pain merry-go-round? If you have back pain that gets better with rest, or with physical therapy, chiropractics, massage, etc… only for it to return a few months, weeks, or days later, then you are on the back pain merry-go-round! If this describes your relationship with your back pain, then it is time to try pelvic physical therapy!

woman have back body ache due to Piriformis, Low Back Pain, Spinal Compression and Office syndrome

Pelvic Floor Muscles

The pelvic floor muscles shore up the foundation of your body, the pelvic bones and are key to stabilizing your core. It is not uncommon for the back pain to be a symptom of a pelvic floor muscle system that is not working correctly, and traditional remedies are doing nothing more than “painting a rusted door.” Sure, the door looks great for a little while, but the rust eventually re-appears. You can either repaint the door, or you can fix it once and for all by replacing the rusted door. Study has shown that in a group of women whose only complaint was back pain, over 90% had pelvic floor muscles that were not working correctly and if they are not working correctly, then you won’t be able to stabilize your core in order to properly support your spine or back they way they need to.

Solution: My hands-on techniques include spinal alignments similar to that of a chiropractor, as well as myofascial release techniques often found in massage therapy. I also use E.M.G. and biofeedback to help you have better control of your muscles.

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