Relief is possible

Restore your pelvic health so you can move freely and live fully.

Blue restroom sign with white text indicating restrooms to the left, featuring icons of a woman and a man. Designed for easy access, it ensures everyone, including those experiencing incontinence, knows exactly where to go.

Leaks are never fun and often occur when you least expect them! This is a growing issue with an ever-increasing adult diaper industry, which is normalizing the use of incontinence products for a younger audience. Great short term solution, but pelvic physical therapy offers a more permanent way to manage incontinence, especially when caught early enough. There are a lot of great products out there in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, but these products only mask the underlying reason for your leaks and do not address the root cause of your incontinence. Think of it as painting a rusted door. Looks great for a while but the rust issue comes back and often worse. Same here. The products hide your incontinence but they do not solve the problem in the long run. There are several reasons you may be leaking urine or stool and typically there is an issue with the relationship between your pelvic floor muscle (which controls your urinary and rectal sphincters) and your bladder and/or bowel. 

Solution: This is where pelvic physical therapy comes to the rescue! With careful examination and training, you and I can get your pelvic floor muscles and bladder working together again. E.M.G. guided biofeedback works wonders for this! Ready to ditch the diaper?!?

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